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Enjoy designing and developing your web interfaces 20x faster with Kodhus UI library

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We are the most dedicated and cost efficient consultancy service

Our packages:


Over a coffee

Our professionals will have a physical/virtual coffee with you to consult you on what you need. Great for small fixes, idea generation and brainstorming.


An hour

Our professionals sit with you for an hour either phisically or virtual to consult on what you need.



Hourly is great for short/long term projects were we dedicate 1 or more of our professional to drive the digitalization and tech side of your business.

Reach out to us either via or DM on instagram @kodhusco.

UI framework and tools



Kodhus UI library is an Open source library that is designed and developed for perfection. You can check the source code at Kodhus Github and contribute.



Use our wide variety of our production ready components in your projects. These components are designed and developed for perfection and with love.



Kodnest online editor is a quick prototyping tool for html, css and javascript. Using kodnest you can create quick protos. It includes tools to export and share protos.

How our framework works

Get an idea of how our framework helps you design web interfaces 20x faster.

Design a theme

As first step, using our theme editor, you can modify the general look and feel of your webpage by defining the colors you like for your background, forground, borders, buttons and links and more.

Theme editor

Select components

We have over 90 components that you can view and choose for your webpage. These components are fully customized to adhere to the theme you selected to give a professional look and feel to your webpage.

View components

Run Kodhus framework and copy or export theme and components to your code

As the final step, Bring up Kodhus framework. You can now copy or export (pro feature) the html, css and javascript of components and theme to your webpage code and it's ready to be deployed

Build an interface in less that 10 minutes

The video is about 20 minutes comprehensive information on how to use the framework but the actual building part of the web takes 5 minutes.

Introducing Kodstudio

Checkout the best and most innovative web interface builder ever

Coming soon

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