The content CSS property replaces an element with a generated value. Objects inserted using the content property are anonymous replaced elements.

Initial value normal
Applies to All elements, tree-abiding pseudo-elements, and page margin boxes


content: counter(section_counter);


The pseudo-element is not generated.
Computes to none for the ::before and ::after pseudo-elements.
Specifies the "alt text" for the element. This value can be any number of text characters. Non-Latin characters must be encoded using their Unicode escape sequences: for example, \000A9 represents the copyright symbol.
An , denoted by the () or data type, or part of the webpage, defined by the element() function, denoting the content to display.
The value of a CSS counter, generally a number produced by computations defined by and properties. It can be displayed using either the counter() or counters() function.
The counter() function has two forms: 'counter(name)' or 'counter(name, style)'. The generated text is the value of the innermost counter of the given name in scope at the given pseudo-element. It is formatted in the specified (decimal by default). The counters() function also has two forms: 'counters(name, string)' or 'counters(name, string, style)'. The generated text is the value of all counters with the given name in scope at the given pseudo-element, from outermost to innermost, separated by the specified string. The counters are rendered in the indicated (decimal by default).
The value of the element's attribute x as a string. If there is no attribute x, an empty string is returned. The case-sensitivity of attribute names depends on the document language.
These values are replaced by the appropriate string from the quotes property.

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