Initial value normal
Applies to all elements. It also applies to ::first-letter and ::first-line.


font-stretch: semi-condensed;


Specifies a normal font face.
Specifies a more condensed font face than normal, with ultra-condensed as the most condensed.
Specifies a more expanded font face than normal, with ultra-expanded as the most expanded.
A value between 50% and 200% (inclusive). Negative values are not allowed for this property. In earlier versions of the font-stretch specification, the property accepts only the nine keyword values. The CSS Fonts Module Level 4 spec extends the syntax to accept a value as well. This enables variable fonts to offer something more like a continuum of character widths. For TrueType or OpenType variable fonts, the "wdth" variation is used to implement varying widths. However, note that the syntax is not yet supported by all browsers: check the Browser compatibility table for details.

Browser support


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