Initial value auto
Applies to all elements except: non-replaced inline elements, table rows, row groups, table columns, and column groups


touch-action: pan-y;


Enable browser handling of all panning and zooming gestures.
Disable browser handling of all panning and zooming gestures.
Enable single-finger horizontal panning gestures. May be combined with pan-y, pan-up, pan-down and/or pinch-zoom.
Enable single-finger vertical panning gestures. May be combined with pan-x, pan-left, pan-right and/or pinch-zoom.
Enable panning and pinch zoom gestures, but disable additional non-standard gestures such as double-tap to zoom. Disabling double-tap to zoom removes the need for browsers to delay the generation of click events when the user taps the screen. This is an alias for "pan-x pan-y pinch-zoom" (which, for compatibility, is itself still valid).
Enable single-finger gestures that begin by scrolling in the given direction(s). Once scrolling has started, the direction may still be reversed. Note that scrolling "up" (pan-up) means that the user is dragging their finger downward on the screen surface, and likewise pan-left means the user is dragging their finger to the right. Multiple directions may be combined except when there is a simpler representation (for example, "pan-left pan-right" is invalid since "pan-x" is simpler, but "pan-left pan-down" is valid).
Enable multi-finger panning and zooming of the page. This may be combined with any of the pan- values.

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