Kodhus UI Framework

Kodhus UI Framework is an Open source framework that is designed and developed for perfection. It helps you create responsive, beautiful layouts. You can check the source code at Kodhus Github and start developing beautiful interfaces. You may as well contribute by raising any issues in github and make changes by pull requests.

Download or Fork

Download the framework source code from Github https://github.com/Kodhusco/kodhus-ui.

Finally run following command to install depenedencies

  yarn install

Now you can use gulp to view the empty index.html in the browser:

  yarn run gulp

Using gulp, you have the advantage of modifying your code and the browser will auto refresh showing your recent changes.

Directory structure

Following structure is included in the framework:

  └── src
      ├── fonts
      ├── index.html
      ├── js
      │   └── components
      └── scss
          ├── components
          │   └── main.scss
          └── globals

It includes javascript and scss for Kodhus UI framework. You need to modify index.html as your main page. You can add more html pages under src folder but make sure to include both stylesheet and javascript in the new html file the same way it is included in index.html.

This documentation website is built using Kodhus UI framework.