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Create Awesome Frontends using Kodhus playground!

Use html, css and javascript editors to create unlimited number of prototypes.

How it works!

Go to and on the top left corner, click on “create new prototype button“.

You will be presented with a 4 pane layout consisting of an html, a css and a javascript pane plus your output pane where you see the results!

On the middle top of the page you can choose amongst 5 layouts and also if you prefer dark theme over light for your editors!

On the top right corner of each of the editors you see a gear icon. Clicking on that will pop up settings for choosing preprocessors such as Haml and Pug for html and SCSS, LESS, SASS and Stylus for Css. It also gives you the option of adding external libraries for css and javascript panes!

On the top left hand side of each pane you will see an icon that depending on which pane you are gives you some options to format and Analyze your code.

Following is an embed of one the most viewed loading animations called infinite loading.

Do not forget to save your prototypes and, enjoy coding! 🙂


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