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super awesome svg interactions!

Here are the Top 5 svg interactions on web!

I am a designer

This implementation is based on the shot by Gal shir on

Material design loading

Material design loading is widely used in web pages that need to load large chunk of data and want to have an indicator so that user waits!
Following is the implementation on SVG by frontendTips.

Circular loading

This effect is done using Moveit library. This library is a work in progress but you can check it out here!

The web motion is love

This amazing animation is created using < href="" target="_blank">Mojs library. Check it out. It is recommended!

All devices in SVG

Chris Gannon is one of the iconic players in the world of svg and he created this amazing piece using GreenSock TweenMax library!

See the Pen All Devices in SVG by Chris Gannon (@chrisgannon) on CodePen.

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