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Terms, Conditions and License


We provide 2 types of resources on our website. One is our products which are directly linked through the Product link on our navigation bar and the other is the resources you can find throughout our website. You can use our free products in your personal projects but if you use them in commercial projects, you need to get an extended license from us. For the resources in the format of articles, you can use them for free in your personal projects. But if you want to use it on a project for sale, you need to acquire an Extended license. You do not have the right to redistribute the articles as is, including their respective demos and project files. Please respect the license of any 3rd party library that are included in our projects.

Extended license

If you are willing to use our resources as is in your projects that you sell to clients, you need to buy an extended license. An extended license includes one resource for one project. If you are willing to use more resources, you need to buy an extended license for each of them to have the right of using them. This includes if you create and redistribute our code in forms of plugin or packages. Extended License costs you 35$ per resource. If you want to have the right to use all of our resources we provide Premium license which is 495$. When you get the license you can use the respective resources without any time limit.
We are not responsible if your projects break when using our resources, therefore It will be thoughtful to download and test our resources before using. If you want any help please go ahead and contact us. We try to be very responsive in answering comments and inquiries.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at kodhus@kodhus.com.